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Biography of Owner and CEO Dustin ‘Dus’ Coates

Dustin Coates, was taught many things growing up on the east side of Houston in his hometown of Baytown, TX. At an early age, Dustin had to ensure the hardship of being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, the common cause of hyperthyroidism. The effects of this disease, not only played on his physical but mental development as well. Dustin was being raised in a single-parent household, without a male figure to help aid in the shaping of his personal image, therefore, naturally, he found himself asking, “Will I ever gain weight? Will I ever get any bigger?” as Graves’ disease, decreased his appetite on a daily and assisted in his low weight throughout his childhood development.

Nevertheless, Dustin took in all negative circumstances Graves’ disease brought with a mindset of using them as motivation tools to succeed in all aspects of his physical, mental and personal life. Dustin was always participating in activities which he believed would assist in off-setting being under weight. This led him to being very active in sports throughout his life. Additionally, he began weight lifting in his adult-hood and regularly active in his local gym facilities.

In 2018, while in the gym he provided advice to an attendee on how to cope with an overactive thyroid gland and rapid heartbeat based on his own knowledge of the effects of Graves’ disease. Watching how the attendee hung onto his every word, and witnessing the person progress overtime into a healthier being, really brought about a joyful feeling to Dustin. He realized he had a fulfilling feeling in educating others on health. It was then in his thoughts, it became clear to him, utilizing his knowledge on maintaining a healthy metabolism through proper training and nutrition would be the greatest way to give back to others, in a positive way. Shaping someone’s lifestyle, not only benefits them, but would allow a growing passion to help and shape others, bloom fruitfully. Additionally, it would bring about a continued personal self-purpose he was looking to fulfill. This thought process became the foundation to begin his own business, Metabolic Physique fitness and training.

Dustin has earned his Bachelor's degree in, majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in from Prairie View A&M University. Dustin has also earned his Master’s degree in, majoring in Healthcare Administration from Texas Southern University.

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